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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sacramento Children's Museum

There is a secret lurking on the Sacramento Library website, free or discounted museum passes.  If you go to the "services" link and click on Museum passes it will take you to the pages that lists all that are available.  All it takes is a library card.  
This is our fourth time using the passes and we are grateful to be able to partake in the fun!  

This week we took advantage of our Spring Break time and took Aiden to the Sacramento Children's Museum.  The boys are a bit old for the museum, but they had fun showing Aiden around and playing with him.  They did have a couple of attractions that caught the boys' eye, especially the water area.  

They have an awesome train table that is set up like downtown Sacramento. 
 Lights to make the water shine and buttons that make train, car and animal sounds. 

 One of the stations teaches about solar energy and lights, where you can race your light beams up using the solar panels. 

 The air tubes were super popular, making poof balls and scarves race through the different paths. 
 There were a few different ways to go by changing the air flow. 
 Aiden had fun collecting the balls as they shot out of the tubes. 

Tyler really loved the water tables, building pipes to move the water around.  

 Aiden wasn't so sure the first time to this area.

 The second pass he was really getting into it and ended up soaked!

 He also had fun running around the puppet stage
 Turning the dials....
 Playing in the house....
 and painting on the wall.

 Handsome cousins! 

This is a great place for the 1st grade and younger crowd, much older and it's just not as much fun. 
Cody was a good sport showing Aiden around and playing. 

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