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Thursday, June 19, 2008

High Ho, High Ho.....

A couple more productive days at the house. Primer is going up left and right, texture is going on, and walls are being patched.

Boys room, primered and bottom half textured; paint is next!

Primer and texture along the top border in the office; paint is next here, too.

Master bedroom primer finished on the light colored walls, next will be the blue tinted primer for the 2 1/2 walls that will be dark blue.

Wall board almost finished in the front bath, moldy nastiness gone.

Then there are the wonderful surprises we find like this little beauty. How do you get a hole right there? FIL was doing some patching around the tub and found this hole, simply covered with paper. Nice....

Tomorrow we will start painting ceilings, then move onto paint the office. Don't thing FIL was ready to move this fast, but he's not complaining either! I see another trip to the Home Depot in my near future.

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