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Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Photos

Swimming in the evening, love the pool glow.
 Tug-a-War, Swimmer's version

 Tyler, AKA: Crash Test Dummy
 I went painting again, loving this fall print.    Seriously wish I could do this at least once a week. 

Harvest Festival fun

Cody had a dentist appointment, so I loaded up all the blondies for the morning.
 Miss Annabel was playing with the kitchen in another corner.

 Swim clinic is ending so Cody agreed to try out basketball for a few weeks.  He is playing on the middle school team at the school he would attend.
So far the coach has been really great, very encouraging to all the players no matter their ability. 
They have their first scrimmage next week, then games start against other schools through mid December.

Tyler decided to carve his pumpkin.  Unfortunately the difficult design he chose was a bit too much and it fell apart towards the end.  He has a smaller pumpkin he might paint and can probably carve Cody's if he decides to try again.  
His face here pretty much sums up how I feel about carving. 

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