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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tyler turns 10!

Tyler has graduated from the single digits.  
He is our funny guy who is his own person.  He is smart and has a lot of ideas about a lot of things.  Gymnastics keeps him busy.  He would love it if we let him hit the BMX track daily with some RC cars in the mix for fun.  

We had his party at The Haven Parkour gym.  His friends had fun showing off some moves and then had an epic Nerf battle.  We served sandwiches and chips followed by a Kit Kate Cake. 

 He received so many new Nerf guns. 
 Here is what a newly minted 10 year old looks like!
 He requested Ihop for breakfast and Wendy's for lunch. 
 We rounded out his birthday celebration with the late summer family birthdays.  
Tyler, Aiden, and Judy are all within a week of each other.  

A cake mistake turned into cake balls of multiple flavors. 
 Grandma with her birthday boys. 

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