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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rooms Divided

After years of sharing a bedroom, it was time for the boys to get their own space.  
Cody likes to keep things a lot tidier than Tyler.  
Ty tends to dump most his clothes out looking for that one special shirt, then leave the mess.  
 Cody then had to climb over the pile to get to his shirts, while being annoyed.  

So we spent most of last Saturday cleaning both their room and the toy room in preparation for the move. 
In cleaning up, we also cleaned out large amounts of clothes that no longer fit and toys that are not longer played with.  

Purging was obviously in order. 

Once we were closer to move time, we needed to spruce up the walls a bit.  
There used to be a boarder up in the toy room, but it fell down long ago.  If time and money weren't an issue, repainting would have been the most ideal.  
 So we improvised a new boarder with Duck Tape and the help of a laser level. 
Tyler chose a galaxy print.

Their bedroom still had up the surf theme boarder from years ago, but it was falling down and ripped in many places.  
Cody chose a dark blue that really matched well.  

Cody is staying in their old room.  

 Medals moved to their new place. 
 Lots of closet space and shelves to display his trophies and cars.
 I want to makes some covers for their chairs because they tend to fall through them.  
They are the bungy cable style. 
 This wall needs some love.  
He request a swim poster or two, so a Michael Phelps one is on the way and a cool, personalized topography sign with a swim theme from Twenty 3 Stars Custom Art on Etsy.  
We will be on the hunt for a few other items. 

 Tyler moved across the hall to the toy room.  
He had more artwork and pictures to put up, so not much more is needed until Cody's new items start to show up and he wants to change things.
I did order him a cool gymnastics topography sign as a start.  
 We are using the existing wire shelves for his clothes, but will be hitting up IKEA for a similar system as Cody's soon.  The boxes are too limiting and we are not able to use the space very well.  

This is the cleanest it will ever be! 
 We also need to replace the blind in this room as it doesn't open properly to let the light in.

We had a chain and hooks to hang all his stuffed buddies under his bed.  
I love that they are not all over the floor! 
 So many LEGOs. 
  The toy room doesn't have a door, it was broken when we moved in and never replaced.  A door in this room would really hinder the space, so a black out curtain is serving as the door now.  

 All his medal holders are moved and in their rightful places. 

We also a need to fin a small radio for Ty's room, but for now an MP3 with a crappy speaker is working okay.  

They are happy to have their own spaces and doing well sharing the items in each room.  Tyler has all the toys because he uses them the most.  Cody has all the books for the same reason. 
Growing up! 

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The Wetterhus Bunch said...

Looks great!! Awesome job! =) Bet the boys are happy to have their own spaces.