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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trip to Boise

Once the swim season ended, we were able to take a trip up to Boise for a week.  
I didn't take my camera out of it's bag the whole trip, but took a few shots on my phone.  
We had a good time catching up with family and a few friends.  
Keith spent a good amount of time up on the river and the boys were able to go play as well.  
(They had a blast!)  It was wonderful to meet up for dinner with these friends and old house mates.  
 The boys were able to go out to Firebird for Nightfire on Sunday and catch up with a few people.  

Bowling at Big Al's

 Games with the cousins
 We started Ty's Birthday celebration

 Uncle Tim sent the boys home with a slew of old school Lego's and model kits, they were stoked. 
 The boys were able to take a raft trip with some of the Long kids.  
Try your best to pick out our blondies mixed in with theirs!


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