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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

July Photos

Random fun from July....

My dear friend Claire wrote her first fiction novel, The Branson Beauty
She had a book signing downtown that brought out the entire Momtourage!   

A trip to see Finding Dory with our TigerSharks family

We had some time to kill before gym one day and went to play the games at Monster golf.  Tyler hit the jackpot, as he always does! 

The boys had fun playing at the Folsom Aquatic Center

Prepping for meet day.  
"Seriously mom, a photo?!?"

We went to kids free day at the zoo with friends.  
Seeing some of the reptiles up close. 

 Climbing tickets the rock wall.

Grandma S had a company dinner at a River Cats game and we were all invited!  
Fun to watch from the back hill in the comfy grass. 

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