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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 3

1/14 - 1/20
Talking on his phone (aka: calculator thingy)
"Yeah, she's letting pull out ALL the toys!"

 Another week of clinics....

 The boys had enrichment classes in Rescue this week.  They are both in different LEGO engineering classes, this time with Star Wars themes.  Cody built a racer similar to the one below during his class.  
He also took an art class that travels around the globe, this week it was Asia.  Tyler is still in the earth science class, this month talking about eco systems and global warming.  They both ended their day in the same Mad Science class.  Can't wait to see what they do next month. 

 Like many households around the world, we have loom band fever.  
Here are a few of our latest creations, all created without the fancy loom.
Top to Bottom: turtle shell, triple loop, open oval and serpentine
Rainbow ladder, bon bon, rainbow dragon's tail and rainbow fish tail

We get this look quite a bit.  Usually because I won't let him play in the trash, or drink my coffee, or play with scissors, or type on the computer.  So mean.

 We do like to have wrestling breaks in our school days though...

 Cody's turn....

 Tyler working his back lever with a band exercise he picked up at practice on Thursday. 

We had a soccer filled Saturday with clinic in the morning and a double header for Futsal in the afternoon.  The boys had some shining moments, but not enough for any wins.  3 games to go....

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