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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stanford Weekend Fun

While down in the bay area for Ty's meet, we packed in a lot of fun.  

After his session was finished on Saturday morning, we took a quick tour around the campus with Stuart.  The Stanford campus is huge and beautiful, Ty was impressed with the huge bookstore.  
Then we headed north to Alameda to the Pacific Pinball Museum.  
With your admission price, you are able to play unlimited pinball on machines from the 50's-today.  It was really awesome and very interesting to see the old machines.  

 After playing for a little over an hour it was time to head back to Stanford for the NCAA session.  Stanford hosted Michigan, CAL and U of WA.  
It was beyond awesome to see elite gymnastics in person, Ty and I were both stoked.  Michigan has two national team members on their team right now, including Sam Mikulak who is the current US Men's champion. 

 CAL and Stanford had a good showing at the meet as well.  
Here are a few highlights we saw.
(Oh and I'm acknowledging the know video comment.  They weren't enforcing it from what we could see, but watch quickly before I have to take it down!)

After a lazy morning and breakfast with Uncle Stu, we headed toward home.  We took a break in Walnut Creek at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.  It started out as on of the nations first wild animal hospitals and turned into a rehab sanctuary.  They have many animals that are on the mend and have many that won't be able to return to the wild but are now there for shows. 

 They also had a lot of great interactive exhibits.

 Some of the hawks and owls sit on top of the enclosures and take in the scenery. 

 The hospital displays were very well done. Lots of x-rays of all kinds of animals.
It was a great, long weekend. 

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