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Monday, January 13, 2014

Oroville Meet 1/12/14

Tyler had his second official meet yesterday in Oroville.  He started off really well by adding a tenth to his best high bar score and doing a very solid floor routine (although his score didn't show his improvements).  Then it kinda went downhill for him.  He still really struggles on pommel and mushroom so that was reflected in his score.  Vault was okay and scored within his range, but he's not punching off his hands like he as at practice.  He started to fall apart on rings with skipping through his pike before his hang and drop, then he put his hands on the ground on his dismount.  Parallel bars were last and he completely forgot what he was doing.  So he did some swings and then dismounted without stopping for any of his holds.  He did get back on and do his hold, but it was too late at that point.  
This was a big learning meet for him and realized that he came in last for his age group.  It's hard to see him struggle, but I'm hoping that he will work a bit harder at practice and be ready for his next meet in 2 weeks.  


Warm Up Pictures....

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