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Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 2

1/7 - 1/13

The boys started a new PE class this week at the park, this month is basketball.  
 Aiden and I hung out at the swings before joining friends at the picnic tables.

We are working on doing more art projects this semester, so after some Pinterest searching, we started with line design and colors wheels. 

 Cody has been building engines with his LEGOs for a while and was excited to make the work with his new motors.   Aiden finds it interesting as well.
 Here it is in action.

 The weekend brought us back to soccer with a clinic Saturday morning, Futsal game in the afternoon and another clinic on Sunday.   The Tigers had a decent game, starting strong and sticking with it in the end.  Cody scored a goal from a kick-in! 

Ty had his second full meet on Sunday, read more here.  It was a rough go, but hopefully it will light a fire for the upcoming meet at Stanford. 
 Pep talk.....

We celebrated Eli's Birthday after Sunday dinner, yay for presents! 

Keith took the boys out to Folsom Lake on Monday (otherwise known as the puddle or creek).  They had a good time exploring the lake bed. 

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