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Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/15 at Placerville

This weekend we headed up the hill to Union Mine High School to swim against the
Dry Diggin' Dolphins from Placerville.  

Cody had a good day at the pool overall.  He had a couple of flubs though.  The judge said he "scissor kicked" on his breaststroke during his I.M, causing him to DQ. 
He had finished in 3rd overall.  
His medley relay team did well, finishing in 2nd overall.
 Then he had a long, 3 event break.  With a little lack of focus, he had a false start on his 50 freestyle, literally falling off the block.  He picked himself up out of the pool, got back on the block and swam a great race after.  (Finishing 2nd overall).
 Next up he had his butterfly, a few tens slower than last week, still finishing 1st overall!
Then his freestyle relay team finished 2nd. 
Can't wait to see his ribbons on Monday!

Cody's video for the day.....

Tyler had an awesome day in the pool.  
His medley relay team DQ'd, but he had the opportunity to swim breast stroke and did great.
  In backstroke, he had an awesome start and finished 4th overall, but 1st in his heat.
 Next he swam breaststroke for the first time, he finished with out a DQ and did well in his heat (Notice his cheerleader at the end of the lane in the video). 
The 50 freestyle was on his program again, placing 1st or 2nd in his heat and 8th overall.
 Last was the freestyle relay with his team finishing in 3rd.  

It will be interesting to see where he swims in the next meet because he's on the bubble between the fastest heat and the next one up.  It's awesome that he's doing so well, but his heat ribbons will probably change if he's moved to that fastest heat for the day.  

Relay time....
 Breaststroke in the relay....

Ty's Video.....

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