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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Family Trip: Eureka Day

On the first day of our trip we spent part of our day exploring Eureka.  
It's fun to walk down to the docks and see all the fishing boats coming and going.  

Cool mural on the way to the pier. 

 "King of the World...."

We thought we might try to rent kayaks and boat around the bay, but it was super windy and a bit cold, squashing that idea.  Instead we found the  Discovery Museum.  Cody was a bit old and Tyler was borderline, but with Uncle Stu to play with them, they had a good time.  It's sad to know that we're ending these sort of trips for a while. 
Water flow...


 Ship lookout....
 Cool lighthouse inside...

 Rope Puzzle...

 Pedal Power.....
 Ball lift machine....
 Getting the drop angle just right.....

 The parent's puzzle.
Slowly spin the huge tube of foam dots and try to find 5 colored ones.
We found 4 of the 5

 After the museum we headed to the big open parking lot by the pier for some lunch.  
We spotted the tour boat, we took a ride on it Saturday afternoon. 
 With it being so windy, Grandpa broke out the pocket kites for the boys to play with. 

 Lost Fisherman's statue.....

 Another cool mural on the front of the theater. 
 Spinning medal sculpture

 Real life fish pots, stacked next to the fishery. 
 We drove over the bridge to check out a light house for the bay. 

Fisherman lost at sea memorial

 Lots of historical and abandoned buildings across the water.

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