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Monday, June 3, 2013

Field Day

To wrap up our school year, the boys' charter held a field day for all their students.  They have students all over the valley, so they had a few different days in different areas, we could have attended two because we are in the middle of two areas.  We chose to go to the Sacramento one in hopes of seeing some friends from classes, a good choice.  

Not knowing what to expect, it was an awesome day.  The kids were split into groups by their age and then sent around to different game stations.  

 Question race game.  You had to high five the teacher in the middle if the question/statement pertained to you, then race back to a base.  She would remove a base after each question.  Kinda like musical chairs. 

 Cody started at "What Time is it Mrs. Fox?"
 Mailbox game, racing to put the letter in the right box.  

 Parachute toss, trying to get the bean bag through the hole in the middle.

 The bigger kids played capture the flag on the biggest field.

 Fill the bucket game, using water and big sponges.

 The younger kids played "Red light, Green light" on the biggest field.
 "Grab the Bacon"

 Half field soccer game
  Frisbee toss

 Tyler was the defense wall on the soccer field. 
 Break station
 Hula Hooping at the Frisbee toss.

 A team game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"  
The team that chose the winning utensil had to try to tag the opposite team before they crossed their team line.  Then the teams became smaller and the team that lost all their players first lost.  
Here they are deciding what utensil they would throw down

 Once everyone had made it through all the games they all gathered on the biggest field for a game of capture the flag, kids vs adults. 
 Most the kids ended up in jail after trying to get the flag

 Cody made one run for the flag and ended up in jail for a brief time.  He spent the rest of the game guarding their flag.
 Whoo Hooo!

At the end of the games they hosted a hot dog lunch.   
It was a really fun time and we can't wait to go play again next year.

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