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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Six Flags

Over the school year, the boys earned tickets to Six Flags for logging reading hours.  This is a great program that was open to traditional schools as well as homeschooling families.  It also allowed me to receive a free ticket because I'm their teacher.  We loaded up the car and headed out for a day of fun!  We were unlucky in the fact that is has finally decided to be summer here and the heat was really turned up  today.  With that exception, we had a great day.  

 We explored a lot of the animal exhibits. 
 First ride of the day, a quick swing.

 Ty wanted to touch the rays, but they just wouldn't come over to where he was. 

 We all loved seeing the walrus, they're friggin' huge!
 The boys taking a spin, look at that face on Ty!
 We saw the sea lion pirate show for some fun.

 Then it was time for more exploring of the park.
The boys loved the M&M steps.
 Alligator Isle...
 We road a few rides, including the family friendly (tamest) roller coaster Cobra.  
Cody really wanted to ride Sky Screamer, so Keith went along. 
 It was too high for me, and I'm not sure we realized Ty could have ridden it was well, but he hung back with me and we watched. 
 Seriously high!

We road a few more jungle rides, lots of spinning around.  

Then we headed over to the butterfly habitat.  
This is such a beautiful thing to see, and amazing to have the butterflies all around you. 
We made the mistake of hitting this mid afternoon and it was ridiculously humid in the building.  
We will be going here first next time, while it's still cool out.

We road the bumper cars and the big wooden coaster next.  
This is where we realized that Ty's shoes put him right at the 48" height, a golden number at Six Flags!  

Of course we had to stop and smash a couple of pennies along the way. 
 As we were winding down we walked through the shark exhibit.
 Then over to the dolphin show. 

 The boys really liked this show, it was full of excitement.  

The boys and Keith made the Monsoon falls the final ride of the day.
 There they go, the slow climb to the top.

As I said, we had a great day.  
Next time I'm determined to make it over to the elephant show, it just didn't fit our schedule today.  
We also took advice from a friend and packed in sandwiches, such a great time and money saver.  

Can't wait to go again.

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