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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last day of swim, take 2...

With the boys qualifying for Meet of Champions, we were signed up for 2 more weeks of practice. 
Friday marked the end and they had some fun races to cap it off.
They started with some warmups, interesting in the open pool without lane lines!

They had a relay/obstacle type race with all the kids.
Starting off the blocks and swimming to the shallow end.
 Then swimming around the shallow end
 Running around the edge
 Swimming back down the side of the pool, under the lane lines

 Out of the pool, down the slide, swim to the end of the pool and back under the lane lines to the blocks.  Phew!
They were doing some lap swims in between as well.
Ty and Ty

They also had some back and forth races, sharks and minnows and other types of games with all the kids.  As much as I'm glad to be done with the every day morning practices, we are going to miss it. 

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