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Thursday, August 16, 2012

School Room / Craft Room Redo

In an effort to find some organization for the upcoming school year, the back room needed an overhaul.  It had become a bit of a dumping area and projects were everywhere!  Things were relocated, gone through, tossed and a few new things brought in to pull it all together. 
Here's the grand tour.....

Welcome to our School and Craft room

As you walk in, to the right is the computer and my L shaped craft area. 

Through the years, a collection of embroidery hoops has accumulated in the craft room.  Searching around Pinterest one night, an idea to use them as wall art appeared.  Hooray!  
Cute wall art for a crafty space.

 Above the craft table, the paper trimmers were hung on the wall with push-pins. 
On the 1st shelf there was room for the printer to sit up and out of the way.  Next to the printer are craft and sewing books, including some fun kids crafty books.  
The top shelf holds an assortment of cards, blank and different occasions.  Next to those are my beloved sticker makers, a Cricut owners best friend. 

A view of the right hand wall

Above the other craft desk, more cutting tools were hung; including a nice stack of  Cricut mats, an assortment of quilting rulers and cutting mats.  
On the shelf above there's room for more books, Cricut and cartridges, scrapbooking tools, sewing machine and always used sewing tools (thread, pins and scissors).  
I plan to add a second shelf above to hold projects that are currently being worked on and next in line. 

In the corner there is a small table that is holding ongoing projects.  (Not ideal)
This will also be our school poster wall, things like a parts of speech poster and maybe some science things as well as finished work.  Lots of room to add things as the need arises.  

Here is the school table with lots of room to work and great light coming in. 

Each boy will be able to take a side to work and spread out.   

Shared supplies sit in the middle, also acting as a divider.  
(Another Pinterest idea)

The shelving unit is next on our tour. 
1st shelf (bottom): Good Bad and Crafty things, a bin of ribbon and a sticker binder.
2nd shelf: Art kits and projects, science things and miscellaneous school books.
3rd shelf: School books and work bins
4th shelf: Office/school supplies, lots of blank space for more school things to come.
Top shelf: Miscellaneous projects and puzzles.  

Into the closet, the big filing cabinet is nestled into the corner.  

To the right of the cabinet is the start of the gift wrapping supplies.

The tops hosts the rest (and a couple of random bins/boxes)

Tucked up high in the nook of the closet are two shelves holding more boxes and office supplies.  
(Still a bit scary and unorganized)

The label maker ran out of tape way sooner than it should have, but once it's been replaced  the rest of the file cabinet will be labeled like this.

 Beading, yarn and embroidery are in the top.
The red light is adjustable and it was thought it might work well for this dark corner, but some battery powered tap lights are coming to replace it. 

2nd drawer holds sewing notions, fabric paints and patterns.

Crafty supplies hit drawer number three, lots of fun here. 

Drawer 4 hosts paints, brushes, glues (we have quite a selection), fancy markers and crayons. 

The bottom drawer is for the manuals for everything we own as well as our family files. 

A view of the left hand wall.
The stack on the cabinet is another scary site. 

Inside the cabinet holds my fabric and paper stashes.  
Both are a scary site and are on the "need to be organized" list. 

There are a few things that need some work, but it's become a feel good space now.  
We're ready for the school year to start and to start making crafty things again!

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