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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions

Topping off the boys' first season of swim, they both qualified for the Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions.  We packed up the car and headed over to Woodland for the day.  
Tyler started off the day with his bonus event, 25 freestyle
26.21 finish (5.52 faster than his best!)

 Cody also swam the 25 free as his bonus event, finishing in 18.76 (2.19 faster than his best).

 Cody qualified for the event in backstroke. 
He swam it in 21.66 (2.1 faster) and finished 26th out of 60 for the day. 

 We had a lot of time between races and the boys were doing everything they could to keep themselves entertained.  All it took was some tent stakes and some dirt to dig in. 

 We eventually had all the coaches in our tent area, which the boys loved. 
 Dog pile on coach Devin....
 To end the day Ty swam with his relay team that qualified to come.  
They finished 8.92 faster than their best time, besting the OV boys relay record!

 Cool t-shrits to mark the day.
 A star by their name on the back with some of the other teams that were there. 
Such an awesome way to end their swim season.  

Here's our season by the numbers:
1st freestyle: 47.81  Best: 26.21 Improving 21.6 over the season
1st backstroke: 38.67 Best 34.75 Improving 3.62 over the season
He worked hard all season, and didn't always best his time each week, but had a great time. 

1st 25 freestyle: 31.63 Best: 18.76 Improving 12.87 over the season
1st backstroke: 29.46 Best: 21.66 Improving 7.8 over the season
1st breaststroke: 53.78 Best: 35.36 Improving 18.42 over the season
1st 50 freestyle: 1:14:03 Best: 49.63 Improving 24.4 over the season
1st butterfly: 54.24 Best: 30.89 Improving 23.35 over the season
He really took to swimming and had a great season, improving every time he raced.  

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