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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just keep swimming....

Yep, still in the middle of swim lessons.
 Tyler has been progressing right along this last week and weekend  

 My swim buddy on Sat...
 For some reason, he decided to shut down during the majority of his lesson today.  He was saying he was cold, but I'm not sure what was actually wrong. 
This is him being pulled off the wall and trying his hardest to fight the back float...
We went back to the pool this afternoon for open swim and after about an hour and a half he finally warmed up to swimming and off he went.   He even started trying to dive into the deep water, with decent form!  I'm really hoping we can work through this attitude over the school year because otherwise it's gonna be a long one! 

Cody is steadily improving by the day.  His dives are getting better and he's getting better on his back. Here's a mash up of his swim lessons today.
He had a lot of time to practice his dives at the open swim this afternoon and was finally able to figure out how he should hold his tummy in and make a good arch into the water and not belly flopping. 

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