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Sunday, August 7, 2011

End of swim lessons and a new grill!

Sat marked the official end of our swim lessons, yay!  Slide day! 

They did a lot of jumping in for fun.  They also swam over to the other side of the pool, with help of some noodles, and Tyler showed off his diving.  She took some time and worked with both of them on kneeling dives, so awesome. 

VW has a program for their employees where they earn points and then there's an online store where you spend them. We were able to "buy" my camera through this program. 
The latest cash in was for a new grill.  We've been using our camp grill anytime we want to BBQ, so it will be nice to grill more than 4 burgers at a time!  
22" Weber

 There was also enough points to get a Rapidfire Chimney Starter, which we've heard makes a big difference when using charcoal. 
Yay for a bonus of sorts!

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