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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cody turns 7!

Another year has gone by and I'm always amazed we've gotten so far.  Cody turned 7 on March 31st!

His breakfast pancakes, complete with M&M's.
 This year we decided to have a party at the skating rink with a LEGO theme. 
That meant a LEGO themed cake! 
 All of his party friends received glow sticks...
 Best buddies!
 Out and rollin'...
 Tyler had some fun skating with Uncle Stu...
 but spent a lot of time watching the video games...
 until Mom would come along and drag him back out.
 After skating they had some pizza, cake and ice cream in the party room. 
 After some much needed rest time, the evening rolled around for family dinner and presents!  
We had one of Cody's favorites, breakfast for dinner.
 Look at all that loot! 
 He was so excited to finally get one of the "Wimpy Kid" books! 
 Last but not least came his new bike from Mom and Dad. 

 Tyler benefited with a bike trade and upgrade as well! 
We had a lot of fun with family down from Boise, parties, treats and a basketball game.  Yay for Birthday weekends! 

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