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Friday, March 25, 2011

This week's happenings....

It's a bullet point type of day!

~ I just realized that Cody's Birthday is next Thursday, meaning his party is the following Saturday.  I do have his cake planned out, but should probably buy the rest of my supplies this weekend and at least the goody bags are finished.  Then there's the whole needing to find him a Birthday present.   Gah!  He's gotten expensive.  He needs a new bike, would love an actual basketball hoop and they both want a trampoline.  I would LOVE to buy them all three, but that's just not the case.  If we have it, hoping to get him a new bike for around $60 (aka, Walmart Special) so that we can do the bike shuffle.  And yes, I'm totally ignoring the fact that he's turning 7.  7! 

~Tyler is still loving gymnastics.  His little group improves every week and it's fun to see what she has for them each time we go.
He doesn't always remember which foot is his lead foot, so in class she will put a stamp on that foot.  (For things like cartwheels)  We've resorted to a longer lasting solution and made a trip to the store, coming home with these:
 Yes, I bought my son nail polish.  Found "boyish" colors and we paint his right big toe once a week.  Last week it was blue, this week we switched to yellow with green sparkles. 
He's a goof and loves his polish!  I love not having to stamp up his feet every time he rolls out his practice mat.  So yes, win-win! 

~After a year and half+ of having a broken turn signal switch in the van, we finally found a new one and installed it this week.  It was a weird drive-through accident involving a phone, hands and purse and it snapped right at the column.  We could still us the blinkers, you just had to move the nub of a lever with your fingers clear down on the column.  This also houses the cruise control buttons, so that still worked, but it was intermittent.  The broken handle just dangled down by it's wires.  We tried gluing and taping a few times but finally gave up. 
They don't make this lever anymore, so when we think of it, Keith would search around the VW sites to see if one popped up.  Finally it did.  It's brown instead of black, but we weren't going to be picky after waiting so long. 
I'm still trying to move the lever at the column, hopefully by next week I'll just start using it correctly every time. 

~Now to brag on Cody a bit.  We received a letter from the school district that he has been GATE identified and is eligible to test for the districts rapid learner program.  I knew they were testing back in Jan/Feb, but didn't know when we would find out results.  We are really hoping he makes it into the program so that he's pushed more and to get away from some kids we are not the fondest of.  The test had a lot of math type things on it, which is one of his strong points, as well as puzzle problems. 
He has been reading up a storm a good portion of the school year, and is working his way through the Magic Tree House series.  This past week alone he's read 4 of them.  Luckily the local library has had them so we can just keep moving along.  He has a bunch of other books that we've found over the year and Grandma keeps finding new ones as well.  He loves to read, and we are excited it finally clicked! 

~Our gym membership went off hold late last week and I've hit it hard since Monday.  I can kinda still walk, although any incline or steps cause painful reminders of all that hard work.  Hoping to settle in over the next few weeks so it's not so bad.
We have a big trip coming up in June and will be doing a lot of hiking and exploring, hopefully a zip line tour and some surfing.  Plus we get to spend on long and fabulous day in Disneyland!  (Do NOT mention this part to the boys!)  SO, I need to get into shape so I can manage the trip without it being a big deal. 

~April is hanging over my head with so much busy I want to crawl into a hole.  So if you see me muttering to myself, just know that come May, it will all even back out again.

~That is until the end of July when we start it all up again!  Both boys are playing soccer, and if our plan works out, I'll be assistant coach on both teams, with Cody's awesome coach has the head.  This will mean 4 nights of practice and 2 games on Saturdays. 
I'm also heading up special programs for PTA at the boys' schools next year and doing the yearbook. 
(Insert flaming head guy here)

~My crafty business is cruising along, not a lot of movement the last few weeks, but I have a ton of stuff to get done.  I'm gearing up for a show on April 9th, hoping to sell a bunch! 

I know there's more but that's at least the highlights! 

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