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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break Fun!

And another fun week in the books!  We were busy from Friday afternoon through the week until Sunday, just the way we like it. 
We spent some time at the park flying kites.  Although there really wasn't much for wind, the boys ran around and made it work.

 Cody had a basketball game on Sunday, and they finally won!  
They played a team that was an even match and the game was decided by 1 point. 
 Cody played a lot more aggressive, getting in for the ball and at one point was 
fouled and had two free shots. 
 Another good part of our week was spent watching the budding romance of Beau and Bun. 

 Tuesday we went to open gym at Ty's gymnastics place for 2 fun packed hours!  Both boys were able to join in and had a good time. 
Wednesday we hit the bowling alley.  It wasn't the best of time for mom, but the company was good and the boys saw some of their friends. 
Thursday we had Ty's regular gymnastics class, then spent some time flying kites and playing at the park. 
Friday the boys and I went to see Rio.  If you have a chance, it's a good one.  We all laughed and loved it. 

Saturday we headed over to Fair Oaks park for the Eggstravaganza!  Hunt and celebration.  We started off with a pancake breakfast , then rode the train before it was too busy. 
 Next we spent some time in the bounce house...
 Then it was time for Ty's egg hunt.  They did things by ages and the kids were only supposed to pick up 6 eggs.  Ours were all filled with candy, but supposedly there was a lucky golden egg with a special prize. 

 Cody getting ready to hunt, the bunny in the background getting ready to let them loose.
 After hunting some eggs we headed back over for a slide...
Then to play all the carnival games.
 We finally arrived at Easter Sunday.  The boys were up way to early scoping out their loot and we finally got up around 8am to check it all out. 
 The  Easter Bunny hid some eggs around the living room for the boys. 
 Then after a lazy breakfast and some lounging around we headed over to family dinner.  
My Mom-in-Law put on quite the egg hunt this year.  
6 eggs per person, one of each color from the package and marked with your initial on the outside!
Once we found our eggs, the big kids had to put letter together (think Scrabble) to find out what we won. 
Hearing the rules of play...
 The hunt is on!
 Ty getting a boost to see one that he couldn't reach...
 Checking out his loot.
We had a really good week, a much needed break from the school routine and wonderful Easter weekend. 
We also squeezed in time for the gym every day and I finally finished reading my book! 

Now, we just have to get through the rest of the school year.
This week I'm busy getting ready for Cody's school Carnival and Silent Auction (my part).  Fingers crossed it all gets done! 

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