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Thursday, March 10, 2011

President's Week Holiday....

Eek! Sorry neglected blog!  I've been meaning to stop by and update from our week's vacation, but just didn't have the time to concentrate on it. 

Monday we hung around the house and had a bit of a lazy day.  
The boys painted...
 Built cool robot things....
Had some computer time....
  and spent some time outside with Bun and bubbles.

Tuesday we had a play date at Wacky Tacky.  We Love this place! 

After that we went in for some much need hair cuts.

Wednesday we took advantage of the younger kids session at the skating rink.
 As well as some outdoor time with bun...
and a good book in the sun. 

Thursday brought on gymnastics and the start of the bad weather.  So instead of rushing home, we headed out to lunch and stayed to play on their indoor play structure for an hour.  
(All the while, I finally had some time to read!)

Friday I had planned to go bowling, but the weather was awful and just didn't feel like going out into it. 

But, no worries, we had a make up day on Sunday so Keith could come along as well. 
Getting quite good at this whole bowling thing. 
One of a couple attempts at holding the ball with the finger holds.  
It went okay, but it's a bit hard for him still. 

So yes, we had a nice break from school.  
(Is it Spring Break yet?)

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Gramma Douglas said...

Thanks for updating the blog. This so helps Gramma keep on top of what's going on and get to see your bright shiny faces.;)