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Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Break...

We had a two week winter break from school over Christmas and we did our best to keep busy! 

Taking advantage of the break in the rain, we headed over the the skate park.  The boys have been asking to go with their scooters, finally today it wasn't full of big kids. 

They were trying to get up the ramps, but were lacking speed.  Finally convinced them to go half way and flip around...
They liked this box because they could get over both sides without stopping...

Tyler is the braver one and figured out how to ride down the ramps once he climbed to the top...
Next time they want to take their bikes, I haven't decided how I feel about this yet! 

While still at home we also fit in time to go to Wacky Tacky for some indoor play and to the roller rink.  We would be thrilled with a season pass to either, if they ever did such a thing! 

The day after Christmas we headed to the bowling alley in Meridian.  Things have changed since we've been!  Everything was super clean and the computers worked great the first time.  This alley also has mechanical bumpers, so when adding your name to the board, you can select whether you will use bumpers or not.  This was awesome because the boys had them and Keith and I didn't.

Aww, cute boys in bowling shoes! 
Keith took the first game, but Cody stomped all of us the 2nd one!

We set out another morning for the snow.  It probably wasn't the best day to go as the roads were pretty snowy and slick, but it was then or never.  Once we finally found the hill in Idaho City we were excited to try out the new sleds that Santa had brought. 
Unfortunately for us, there was too much snow, or at least too much powder for sledding.  We did our best to make a run and some older kids had found a nice shoot that the boys used as well.  Tubes are in order for next time! 
Cody did a lot of this...


We also took a trip to Wahooz!  in Meridian to play on the indoor structure and get in a few video games. 

Once we were home, we had one more day to sneak in a little fun; a Birthday party at Sky High...

I mean come on!  How can you not love that face?!?
We also made our way over to the stunt tramps where you can dive into the foam pit.  
Cody was doing a head first dive by the end...
"And then..."
Tyler was the king of the cannon ball...

And with that, we were back to school on Monday!  
(insert Mommy's happy dance)

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