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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tyler does Gymnastics....

Thursday marked the start of a 6 week gymnastics class for Tyler.  (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa S!)
He had such a great time and I loved that he was in motion for 45 minutes. 
 They started with a round of follow the leader to warm up their bodies, followed by some stretching.

 Next they did a circuit  around the tumble track.

 Balance beam was a challenge for him, starting on the low one...
 After going through front, side and backwards on the low one, they moved to the higher one for the same.  He wasn't very sure and pretty much refused to go backwards until his instructor came to lend her hand. 
 Next they moved to the bars where the learned to hop off and land, as well as holding themselves up.
 They also learned to do a forward flip, then did some hanging with their feet on the bar and sideways like a possum.
 Next was swinging, straight legged and then with bended legs with knees up. 
 They did another circuit...

Finally they ended with a few minutes of bubble fun, because they are only 4 year olds and bubbles are still pretty awesome! 

As I said, he loved it!  Hoping to find a gym we can call home once this program ends.

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