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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Teacher Gifts and Cookies....

Maybe found a bit of the Christmas spirit today, that or I'm faking it the best I can.  

Friday is the last day of school before the boys are out for 2 week for the holiday break.  
That means it's time for teacher's gifts! 
 This year each of the teachers are receiving a jar of applesauce, two produce bags, an ornament the boys made and our Christmas card.  
Here's the one for Cody's teacher...
 Tyler has 3 teachers right now, they are all receiving the same as above.  
His assistant teacher that is leaving has 1 or 2 girls, so her basket is the larger one with 3 pairs of hair clippies. 
 Tyler's ornaments (missing another yellow one) are the snowflake prints. 
Cody made the one on the right, cool patterns, so he's giving that one to his teacher. 

Also on Friday, Santa is coming to visit Tyler's class.  They get to decorate cookies, so I signed up to bake 24 sugar cookies.  I figured I would triple the recipe and bake some for family and friends as well.  
The boys were spending the afternoon with the Grandparents to find a Christmas tree so I was busy decorating...
 Peppermint sprinkles, Yum! 

Clock is ticking away, and it's almost time to head to Boise!  A small bit of baking left to do, or not, we'll see how the rest of present wrapping goes.  Then there's the laundry and packing of everything to take off for a week, throw in a bit of cleaning, a Birthday party and some play dates and the time is going to vanish before I know it. 
Better get crackin'!

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