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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gearing up for the spring PTA season...

Here we go! 

Are you ready to be sick of me talking about PTA? 

You've been warned.....

As we start January, I started looking through the calendar and realizing that it's less than 4 months until carnival time, which for me means auction time!  I hit the ground running last year and was able to gather quite a bit of cool stuff from local companies.  This year I'm hoping to gather from local and national, which means I have to start now. 

So the call is out.  Do you have a product that we can auction off?  Do you have a service that we can use?  What about your brother's friend's second cousin? 

As we move into the next year, the schools are going to need all the help we can give them.  Numbers have been thrown down and the last thing we heard was that our district has to cut $30 million from their budget.  This is where PTA can step in and help our teachers with the things they need to help our kids succeed. 

We are also going to be selling car magnets so everyone can show their Pershing Panther Pride!  Tentatively, this will start in February and they will be $5 each.  Full color, made for an outdoor life of 5+ years, and printed and packed in the USA.  More to come on that soon....

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