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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Old Fair Oaks Christmas...

Saturday we headed down to Old Fair Oaks for their Christmas in the Village celebration.  We were able to meet  some of our friends for an extra good time. 

We started off with a Winnie the Pooh show.  The players acted out 4/5 classic Pooh stories, the kids seamed to have a good time.

 Afterwards we walked over the square to see Santa and figure out where we were going to watch the parade.
 Mrs. Claus was a new addition this year...
 We found a nice spot and waited a bit for the parade to start, but before they knew it, the firetruck was rounding the corner to signal the beginning.  
 The parade was the same as it's been the last few years, lots of beauty queens, random groups, music and dancing girls. 
 We remembered to bring goody bags this year to collect treats...
 After the parade we went to watch the tree lighting and sing a few carols.  The rain decided to start making it's way back, so we only stayed a few minutes.

The best part was after when we all went to pizza.  The kids enjoyed getting together and it was fun to talk amongst the adults, including some of the husbands.  

The season is finally starting to kick in!

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