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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little bits from preschool...

Monday was my workday in Tyler's classroom.  It wasn't such a bad time, even with the rainy day keeping them inside. 
My job was to help the kids put on little puppet shows.  They could pick any puppet the wanted to and have it tell a story or sing us a song.  It was cute and some kids were able to really get into it. 
Tyler and his best bud doing a dinosaur show...
 Today the were also working with the letter "I" so one task was to glue "I" words onto a big letter "I".  In the process they were also going over the sounds "I" makes. 
 The art project was to trace 5 hand prints, then cut them out and glue them onto a plate to make a wreath. 
 Up front they did more work learning to write both the upper and lower case "I", then color pictures that start with "I". 
 A new toy was brought in for the month, a play table full of beans.  They Loved it.  To the point it makes me want to hose off our water table and put beans in it to play with on the back porch.  Birdseed is also a lot of fun. 
 After clean up, they sang "Happy Birthday" to a friend that was turning 5, read some holiday stories and practiced their songs that they will sing at Friday's tree lighting at the OV Community Center.
We ended with snack and then it was time to head home.  Aside from the normal guy not listening to a word I said, and the teacher's annoying Christmas musical bells (they are awful and can go on for-ever if left on) it was a good day. 

I also get the pleasure of working next Monday, but Jen will be there to keep me company.  Then next Friday Santa is coming to class, can't wait to snap some photos! 

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