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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random Photos from the Last Month

Random photos from the month......

We had a day morning with Aiden & Annabel
 Little Miss is quite the boot scooter, working her way around the whole living room.
 Mr had fun reading his favorite Tow Mater book.
 Telling me about Mater's loud siren
 I don't know what she's doing,but it's cute!
 Tyler and Tyler during a kick set at swim.
 Movie time!

 Our car woes continued with the wagon popping a seal in the transmission.  After thinking we could swap it out and fix it, that just wasn't going to happen.  The dealership gave us more than we owed to trade it in and we landed in a 2012 Jetta.  It's a nice car and gets much better gas mileage than anything we've had. 

 After a fun time at a friend's house, listening to her play the piano, Cody sat down to play a bit the next day.  It lasted all of that one day, but hopefully an online course will spark his interest some more so he can go at his own pace. 
 I was able to see Bye Bye Birdie with Judy & Virgina at Music Circus.  Such a fun show!  We have tickets for a couple of more shows this summer and I can not wait! 

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