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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Meet at Cordova

Our last dual (tri) meet of the season!  
This week we headed over to Cordova for their last meet ever in their current pool.  The public pool is going to be torn out and updated over the next 2 years.  
We had a very rough start to our day, but things went well once the meet actually started.  

Cody had a decent day in the pool without improvements for his 50 free and breast, but improved his IM time.  

Tyler started a little slow in backstroke, then shaved time on his 50 free and ended by with a big improvement on his butterfly.   We learned this meet that he will swim really fast for candy, as Coach Ryan learned that it will cost him a $1 if he bets him a bag of Skittles for a 2 second improvement.  

Of course, being 7/11, we made sure to stop on our way home for free slurpies! 

Next up, Champs!

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