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Friday, July 17, 2015

Academic Talent Search

Cody was excited for this second year of taking a week long class at Sac State as a part of the Academic Talent Search program (ATS).  This year he really wanted to take the LEGO robotics class and just missed the math score by less than 10 points, so we signed him up anyway and with a signed waiver he was in!   He loves working with LEGOs and programing, so we didn't think he would have any trouble.  

He had such a great week!  The class was split into teams of 3 to build a robot with the programming blocks and then they spent time through the week doing different programming.  
Their instructor is a First LEGO League leader and set up the class to do the challenges.  They worked within different tasks, making their robot pick up rings, push levers and shoot a ball into a goal.  Then as they progressed, they worked with different types of sensors as well. 
This is their robot Hi-Five

The instructor was very excited about his progress and ability throughout the week and encouraged us to find him a First LEGO League team to join.  She said he's a natural and breezed through the challenges.  Hopefully we can find him a team for the fall.  

Here's what their robot did in different challenges.  
Dance Program

Cody programmed the ball challenge.

Rings Challenge

Sensor challenge, following the lines.

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