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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bay Area Day Trip

The boys and I took advantage of an open Saturday to enjoy some time in the Bay area before Ty's meet last weekend.  We started off the day in Sausalito to visit the Marine Mammal Center. 

We arrived a bit early for our tour time, so we went to the beach to for a bit.  
Rodeo Beach looks like a great spot for a longer days' adventure and we hope to visit it again.  


We are guessing that these are the old sleeping quarters for Fort Cronkhite.  

Before we knew it, 11am was creeping up on us and it was almost time for our tour.  I was able to find 50% off passes for the tour on the Sac Library site.  There is only one local tour listed for the Sacramento area, most are bay area places and we were excited to check this out.

The Marine Mammal Center is a rescue center that works to rehab sea lions and seals that have been found along the coast line and release them back into their natural habitats.  Each animal that comes in is tagged so they know if they have been brought in before, or if they are in trouble again and found by another agency.  It's a wonderful place and the boys enjoyed learning about the work they do. 

 Volunteers cleaning the pens, something they do 3-4 times a day. 
 This little pup is really under weight.  He was enjoying the sun.
 He shouldn't be this wrinkly, this is a tell that he wasn't able to eat enough in the wild. 

 After our tour was over we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to explore San Francisco Pier.  

Badly timed photo, there was a cable car up the hill.  
 We stopped by Musée Mécanique on Pier 45 to play some games and smash some pennies.  
The boys had a ton of fun playing newer and especially the old games. 

 Visiting the submarine Pampanito along Pier 45
 Good views of Alcatraz
 Seeing this War Ship docked as well.
 Pirate ship in front of the Bay Bridge

 Another view of the war ship, by the Golden Gate

 Ice Cream Treat at Pier 39
 The old cable cars were really awesome.
 We added 19 new pennies to our smashed collection, warranting the purchase of a new book to hold them.  

We had a great day and can't wait to go back to explore some more!  There is SO much to do in the city that we could spend a week there and still not hit everything. 

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