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Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 12

3/18 - 3/24

Playing at the park before PE

Cody has been warming up to swim season with a 4 week clinic, Friday was the final day.  He has been happy to be back in the water. 

 Loom band snakes for Cody's goody bags....

A bunch of the boys were early to gym on Thursday, so Coach John dug out the football for them to play with for a few minutes before the places filled up.  Gotta love off season.

 Peanut Butter, Jelly Time! 

 There was just enough cake batter left to make two mini cakes, so the boys had to make sure the cupcakes were up to par for Saturdays party. 

 Saturday was Cody's Birthday party at Golfland, the boys had a blast with unlimited video games, pizza and laser tag. 
 They LOVED the glow lights
 We worked a bit outside over the weekend.  The boys planted pumpkins in the backyard barrels, hopefully they will grow and produce this year.
 I planted a bunch of Morning Glories along the front path.  
Fingers are also crossed that they will grow and we can train them to vine on the forms. 

 Then on Monday we found lice.  Oh the joys of kids!  
So heads were shaved, treated and nits were picked.  These two pictures pretty much sum up how they feel about their new dos. 
 Oh Tyler, I agree. 
Ty had a hard time with this once he realized that we were still going to gym, to the point he gave himself a stomach ache with worry.  He finally took his hoody off after warm-ups, because he had to (Coach's rule), but did a good job moving past it.  Coach told him it was a cool look, that helped a bunch.  

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