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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cody's Birthday Party

With an unknown soccer schedule for Cody's Birthday weekend, we opted to hold his friend party a week early.  This year he chose to go to Golfland in Roseville for unlimited arcade games, pizza and laser tag.  They all had a great time and couldn't wait to host their parties there!  

 Cody LOVES the NASCAR game.
 4 player Pac-Man = Awesome!
 They took a brief pizza break before heading back down for more games.

 Good looking bunch, ready for cupcakes. 

 We had plenty of time between treats and tag, so it was time for presents. 
 Book & Science kit!
 Obligatory group shot.
 Okay, here's the real one.
 Laser tag was fun, they really loved the glow.  
 After we said goodbye to friends and packed up the car it was time for a spin on the go-karts.  
10 is the magic number for Cody, finally tall enough to drive his own cart! 

Thanks again to those that were able to make it!  
2 more weekends of Birthday fun to come.

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