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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3/9/14 Level 4 State Meet

Tyler's gymnastics season has really flown by!  This weekend we traveled down to San Luis Obispo for the level 4 & 5 State Meet.  All of the Technique boys did really well and ended the season on a high note.  
Tyler set and met his end of season goals; score 8 or higher on all events and have an all around score of 50 or more.   Very proud that he worked hard and ended his season so well!  
He also brought home a season high of 9.40 for pommel and 51.20 for All Around. 
His meet wasn't perfect, with a few steps on landings and putting his hands down on high bar, but the work during the events was great and he earned his scores.  
The format was different than any of the meets we went to this season, but made for a quicker competition time.  For this meet after open stretch, they moved around to all 6 events, warming up for 10 minutes on each.  After all the rotations were over, they announced the teams, sang the National Anthem and went through all 6 events for competition without warm ups between.  Different, but okay. 

 Pre-competition huddle....
 Last even rally....
 They didn't post scores on the big screen as they went, only ribbon colors (letting you know what range they scored).  So he didn't realize he had hit his marks, and received that 9.40 until the very end when Coach John handed him his ribbon envelope.  
They were live posting the scores online so the parents could watch along.
 The boys weren't able to place in the top 3 all season, coming very close a couple of times. 
Our 2014 level 4's, minus one not there and one hiding in the back!


Up next will be landing his back handspring on the floor, straddle up to hand stand (instead of head stand as he now does), back lever on rings, 3 1/2 circles on mushroom and cleaning up his crooked legs!  . 

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