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Friday, December 6, 2013

Freddy the Elf

Yep, we dove head first into Elf on the Shelf this year.  
I wasn't sure how the boys would be with the idea, but we caught the movie on tv and then a day or so later our elf "arrived."  
After reading the story, they promptly named our elf Freddy.  
He's been fun to have around so far and is making up for our lame advent calendar this year.  

Here is our first week with Freddy.....
Waiting for the boys to get up and discover his arrival.  
 A look at some of our Christmas fun (including awesome new BSU tree topper!)  Where's Freddy?
 Puzzle time, sending a hug to Idaho.
  Roasting a marshmallow snack....
 Rice angel 
(He found the stale bag of rice in the cupboard, so glad he used this instead of flour!)
 He's a kind little guy though....
 Sack race with some buddies....
 Then he TP'd our tree.....

Stay tuned for more adventures with Freddy the Elf. 

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