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Monday, December 9, 2013

Boys Season Opener 12/8/13

Tyler's first full meet was this past weekend in Petaluma at Redwood Empire Gymnastics.  
He had a great meet, bettering 5 of 6 scores from the Intersquad.  

Warming up.....

I missed taping his floor routine, but he did really well.  The coaches and judges were given permission to start their rotation when ready, not having to wait until the end of the allotted warm-up time.   Ty was first in the rotations, so when he went I wasn't ready to tape.  We'll know for next time!  
Here is is video for the day.....

 Coach John giving out their score envelopes and ribbons for the meet. 
 All the gymnasts received a medal with their All Around score on the back, handed out in 1st through last order.  (He wasn't last, Go Ty!)

 For the Level 4's, they receive a ribbon for each event, colors designate their scores are within a certain point range.  Hoping he can add some more colors (not sky blue or white) to his collection over the season.

Next meet isn't until the 2nd weekend of January, hoping they can tighten things up a bit before then! 

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