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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Freddy the Elf, part 2....

The boys are having fun with Freddy, always racing around in the morning to see what he's up to. 

The boys had a rough go with their toy room and getting it clean.  Freddy let them know he was watching and listening.....

When he finally went in to play, the LEGO people weren't having it! 

The next night he was able to break loose and use the rope to tie up the high bar he made.
Wishing Ty good luck at his meet.
Remember your body positions!

He was able to find one of the toy catalogs, the Volcano kit was where he stopped!

Then it was a nice, relaxing  marshmallow bath.

After a nice break in the action, he was ready for some fun!
Zip Lining across the living room!

More Freddy fun to come.......

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