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Saturday, October 19, 2013

El Dorado Western Railroad

Rich's Birthday was back in June and Judy found a railroad trip for the whole family as a gift. 
El Dorado Western Railroad runs most weekends, weather permitting.  It's an all volunteer crew and they work very hard.  You can tell they love this project! 

Getting our tickets punched so we can board the train.

 These were old service cars that were used to go service tracks and go out to trains along the lines.  They have a tractor style engine and gear system.  Our car was attached to another, with ours being the lead on the way up the hill.  On the way home our driver was able to ride along giving us a history of the area, line and the projects they were working on for the future. 

 A chase crew met us at all the intersections to stop traffic as this train line isn't one that's in current use for major trains.

 We saw lots of abandoned treasures along the route.
 When we arrived at the Shingle Springs station there was a car show. 
 Snack Break!

 Everyone had a great time!
We topped off the day with a bbq lunch.  

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