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Saturday, July 21, 2012

VFCAL Championships

We had a long day at the pool, but came home with some top finishes!
VFCAL Champions with all 5 teams in our league swimming together.  
Tigersharks Cheer!
 Tyler ready for his relay, they finished 3rd!  
They also bettered their overall time by 8 seconds.

 Cody ready for his medley relay, first leg, backstroke. 
 Tyler swam freestyle in 32.43, a little slower today. 
Then he finished up his day with backstroke, 37.93.

 Cody's next event was backstroke.  He finished in 23.76 (1.91 faster) placing him 3rd overall for the meet!  This earned him a spot at the Meet of Championships for the whole Sacramento Valley!

 Next he swam the 50 y freestyle, 49.63 (7.07 faster!)
 Next up he swam butterfly, 31.60 a bit slower this week.
He finished the day with the freestyle relay, his team coming in 3rd!

Here's our Champs rig....

We find out more tomorrow at the end of the season party about what's to come with the Meet of Champions and the boys should receive medals for their 3rd place finishes!

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