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Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

We had a mellow 4th of July this year, part of it because it was on a Wednesday and because there just wasn't much going on in the area.   
We spent the afternoon at the OV pool for a swim and duck races. 
Ty had his face painted like a tiger!
 In the evening we headed over to Rich and Judy's for a block party.  
In one of the neighboring fields they had set up a super long slip and slide.  
The boys were in heaven. 

 Cody was slow to get started, ever so cautious

 Once he finally got started he had a blast.

 Once the sun started to go down a bit they started lighting off a few fireworks.
 Ty wanted another painting for the day
 The unpredictable nature of the fireworks, had the boys standing around with their ears plugged the whole time.  Making it hard to eat dessert or enjoy the time. 
 We headed home pretty early.  Next year we'll plan better and buy our own fireworks to do at the house.

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