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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Swim Meet vs Auburn

We headed up the hill to Auburn for our last swim meet before champs.  We thought it might be smokey because of the fires that are burning nearby, but the wind was in our favor and it was a nice morning.
The boys were swimming very fast today, shaving seconds off of all their personal bests in their individual events.  Both of the freestyle relay teams had a great showing as well, Tyler's team came in 1st and Cody in 3rd!
Tyler ready for his relay

Tyler 25 yard freestyle 31.73 (5.07 faster)

Cody 25 yard freestyle 20.95 (2.88 faster)

Tyler 25 yard backstroke 34.75 (2.93 faster)

Cody 25y breaststroke 35.36 (5.43 faster)

Cody starting butterfly.  Had some camera malfunctions, so no video.
30.89 (3.37 faster)

 Cody ready for his relay.

Champs are next weekend, Go Tigersharks!

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