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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Update

I know you've been dying for an update on our garden!  Or not, but here it is anyway.  
 All three sprouts are doing really well!
 Red leaf lettuce is coming back after not starting out so well.  So this is the second planting.
 Sunflowers growing taller each day

 The snails ate our honey dew, so after re-planting it's sprouting nicely.  Hopefully it will get a chance to get bigger and survive this time. 
 Watermelon coming back as well, slower sprouting, but it's there.
 The cucumber in front is going crazy and the spaghetti squash in the back is looking healthy as well. 
 Yay, a cucumber starting to grow!
 Such a pretty plant.
 Now something has moved in on my green leaf lettuce, so it's not looking so hot. 
 Corn still working it's way upward. 

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