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Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday fun...

Today was busy and fun. 

We had friends over for a bit....

 New things continue to sprout in the garden.
 Lots of more sunflowers
 Honeydew melon
Ty's cucumber plant is getting bigger
Even with a few yellow leaves, my spaghetti squash is growing. 
 Green leaf lettuce has lots of sprouts
One little stock of corn starting to grow.  

 Tyler aquired a new friend today.  We will be making trips to Sailor Bar to find the right kind of vine leaves for it. 

The boys chased down the ice cream truck for a treat.

Cody had his first parkour/urban gym class today and really liked it.  We're hoping it will help him with body control. 

We moved Tyler to a new day of gymnastics, to fit Cody in and that went well.  After his class I asked his teacher what the skills were to bump him to level 2 and we were informed he's already in level 2 and working on level 3.  That's pretty awesome.   Level 1&2 are in the same class, so it was easy to miss.  He needs to figure out a few skills like a solid round off, headstand and pull-ups on the bars/rings and he'll move to level 3. 

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