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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun

The Easter bunny came last night and filled up all our baskets!  
 We then tortured the boys and told them they couldn't wake us up before 8am.
I'm pretty sure they were up around 6am, but were good and stayed in their room.

Can we open them now Mom?!!?!
 Easter bunny loot...
 The bunny left a note that he was awfully busy this year and asked for some Mom help.  
So I set up a scavenger hunt that sent the boys around the house to find their big gift.

 Whoo Hooo, found it!
 Then they searched around for the treat eggs the Easter Bunny left.
 Counting their eggs...

 Once they were dressed, it was time to test out the new stadium.

Before we knew it, time had come to go to Grandma and Grandpas.  
Once everyone arrived it was time for the egg hunt.
 The little boys had 6 eggs to find with their initials on them.
The big kids each had to pick a color and find all 6 eggs of that color. 
 Eye spy with my little eye a pink egg!
 Found one!
 The boys checking out their loot. 
 The big kids had to solve a Scrabble style puzzle, each the same, to claim our gift card. 

After a nice brunch and some play time, we called it a day!

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