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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dying eggs for Easter...

The boys have been asking since the beginning of March if we could dye eggs this year.  They were really excited when we opened the Easter box to find two dying kits ready to go!  I was crossing my fingers that they weren't too old and would still work.  In the end, the old set (5+ years) didn't work all the well, but the newer ones were great.  Plus we have cups for next year.

Every time I hard boil eggs I have to Google it, it's really not the hardest thing I've ever cooked, but it's easy to mess them up.  So eggs in the pan, covered with cold water, brought just to a boil, then cover them and turn the heat off.  Let them sit for 12 minutes or so, then place them in an ice bath.  Done! 
As to not ruin anything else in the house, the garage was where we set up. 
 Wasting no time, Ty dunked right into the green. 
 Cody really liked writing messages and designs on this eggs.
 Double dunk...
 Ty slowed down and drew on some of his as well.

 This one hit the ground, but we figured we would just keep dying it anyway. 
 No super smiley photos today, egg dying is serious business.
 That or it just wasn't as exciting as they pictured it to be.
  Egg bath...
Pretty eggs, all finished.

Happy Easter!

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