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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tour through Whole Foods

A few weeks ago we were able to go on a tour of the new Whole Foods in Folsom.  This is such a cool store, although a bit pricey for our weekly shopping.  

 We started our tour seeing the bakery where they bring in goods from local sources.   Also the coffee and juice bar, where you can have all kinds of things made including fresh pressed nut milks.  
Here our guide let us all try their fruit snacks, supposedly better than that Betty Crocker variety, but still with a good amount of sugar.  They were yummy!
 Then it was over to talk a bit out their body care items, then to produce.  
Such a bright and beautiful sight, they try their best to stock from local farms.
Over to the meat counter where the butcher showed off some of the sea food.  
He's also an Alaskan fisherman and works as a butcher in the off season, so cool. 
 They have a large section of bulk items. 
 Including the grind your own nut butters.  She let us try the one with chocolate chips; with apples to dip, it was quite the snack.  We were also able to see their different oils and vinegars they have in bulk, including a peach vinegar that was divine to smell.
 The deli was next on our tour, where they have over 200 kinds of cheese.  
 A favorite for the kids was the trail mix bar, including mini peanut butter cups. 
 At the end of the tour the kids received some stickers and a sucker. 

This tour was not as "behind the scenes" as the Raley's and Safeway tours we've been on, but it's such a cool store anyway.   We would highly recommend it!

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