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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Off on a Hike...

Last week we took advantage of the break in the rain for a hike down by the river.  It was a bit of an adventure on the way out, ending at the park and a shorter jaunt home.  We will have to do more of his as the weather improves.
While waiting Ty took some swings with his friends.
 Off we went to get to the trail head, the boys pretty much stayed at the lead the whole time.
 Crossing the bridge to the Powerhouse
 We hung out at the Powerhouse for a few moments as we all gathered again and jumped onto the trails from there.
 We had to do a bit of climbing up and around, a lot of fun.
 We took a snack break under rainbow bridge.
 Then back to the trails.
 Crossed a couple of streams...
We headed up some stairs and a steep slope
 Then we made it to the park! 

Can't wait to head out again.

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